Wednesday, 20 January 2016

AAFOD will be attending Volunteer Match! on February 10th

On February 10th AAFOD will be joining the MIP event "Volunteer Match" at Niagara in Malmö högskola. The purpose of the event is to let different non-profit organisations speak about their organisations and try to recruit new volunteers to their efforts.

AAFOD is currently seeking volunteers to travel to Africa and spread awareness about dyslexia and other disabilities. Below is a detailed description of what we are seeking and why:

What we need: AAFOD is calling for interested persons of up to 20 volunteers who wish to take a trip to Africa during the summer holidays or vacations. The idea of the trip will be to enjoy tours of villages and cities, as well as to help raise awareness on dyslexia. Participants will visit important tourist areas in some villages and cities during the trip. Interested persons who have heard about dyslexia before and are willing to help us create awareness in Africa are welcome to apply. The first phase of creating awareness will be in Ghana. Interested participants are expected to have very basic knowledge about dyslexia or a background within the fields of Education, Social Work, Migration, Public Health/Services, Child Psychology, Arts and Music, Journalism, Photography/Video Documentaries or IT and technology, especially related to dyslexia. Certificates of participation will be awarded to participants after the end of the programme.

What is expected: Volunteers are to be open-minded and social, prepared to explore as a group, adventurous and be ready to write about their experiences in a report to the NGO after the trip. There will be three to four training events and the time for such events will be decided and coordinated before the trip. There will be snacks/fika during the meetings. Volunteers are expected to socialize during the programme based on the trip's training guidelines.

Regarding the trip itself: Accommodation and a tour guide will be provided for participants. Transportation to Ghana is the responsibility of each volunteer. Interested participants are therefore expected to register with us for cheaper airfare rates. For early registaration, ticket will cost 5700-7000 SEK, and late ticket payment will be 8000-15000 SEK. The cost will be cheaper when more people sign up/register. Some transportation on site will be provided (both buses and cars/bicycles). Volunteers are expected to remain with the group except for specified times. We will visit radio and television stations , schools, and show documentaries to the public.

Interested volunteers are expected to contact us through phone: +46704906613. Travel dates to be announced during our proposed meetings.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Meeting with the Benin ambassador

After meeting with Madame Arlette Dagnon Vignikin, the ambassador of Benin we are full of confidence that our aim to spread awareness of dyslexia has taken a leap forward. A great thanks to the ambassador for listening to our message. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Broadwings International School

In Accra, Ghana Mr. Seth Adjei Mensah owns a piece of land where a school is situated. Broadwings International School is situated on Spintex road-Rainbow junction and it has a vivid Facebook page. Visit them here:
Broadwings International School

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sofielunds folkhögskola

AAFOD arranges an information meeting about dyslexia. Mr Kofi Asiedu gives a lecture. People from the African community in Malmö listens with great interest.

Monday, 17 November 2014


African Association of dyslexia (AAFOD) is a non profitable organization founded in Malmö in 2014. Our main goal is to spread awareness about the problems related to dyslexia in Africa and work towards possible solutions. Please feel free to contact us!